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Where is it located?

Ruby Falls ZIPStream is located at 1720 S Scenic Hwy, Chattanooga, TN 37409. Detailed Directions

What are the height/weight restrictions for the course?

ZIPStream designs courses to be as accessible to as many people as possible. However, due to the inherent nature of the activity, these courses do require a person to be mobile and have functional use of both hands and feet. In addition, participants must be capable of understanding and properly operating the Belay System.

  • Green and Blue Courses:
    • Must be able to reach a height of 70” standing flat footed
    • Weight Requirements: Minimum: 60 lbs, Maximum: 275 lbs
    • If a participant is ages 10 & Under, they must be accompanied on the course by a parent or guardian. 
  • Orange Diamond Children’s Course:
    • Parental supervision required on the course at all times.
    • Must be able to reach a height of 44” standing flat footed
    • Weight Requirements: none listed.
  • Climbing Tower:
    • Weight Requirements: Maximum: 275 lbs
  • Tower ZIP Ride:
    • Weight Requirements: Minimum 60 lbs, Maximum: 275 lbs
  • All participants must step on a weighing scale before beginning the course or buying a ticket. Weight will not be visible to other guests.
  • Important note for expectant mothers: Before an expectant mother will be admitted to the ZIPStream course, she must provide a doctor’s release approving her participation in this activity. 

How much time should we allow?

Each ticket allows for admission on the elements for 2 hours. The course is designed so you can pass slower participants at each platform if you desire. 

Due to a high volume of participants on weekends and holidays, time to complete the course could lengthen. Please allow additional time when planning. 

Are there any clothing restrictions or recommendations?

Participants should wear comfortable clothing that will allow movement easily through the course. Closed-toe shoes are required – no sandals/slingbacks. Keen or Hiking Type Sandals (including the Five-Finger/Toe type shoes) are not allowed on the course even though they are closed toe.

Long hair must be pulled back into a pony tail. Jewelry should be removed. All personal items (wallet, cell phone, keys, cameras, etc) will need to be placed in a basket prior to entering the course and can be retrieved following completion of the course. This rule is for your safety and the safety of those below you. 

Do we need to sign a waiver to participate?

All participants must sign a waiver prior to beginning the course. Participants age 18 & under must have a parental signature on the waiver form. To expedite your check in, please complete the online smart waiver form prior to arrival. 

Can we take pictures on the course?

No cameras/video equipment will be allowed on the course that are not designed to be directly attachable to the harness/helmet (i.e. GoPro), or that cannot be safely placed within a zipped pocket (i.e. cell phone). SLR/DSLR and handheld video cameras are not allowed on the course at any time. For the safety of both you and those below you, all personal items (wallet, keys, cameras that do not fit the criteria, etc.) will need to be placed in the provided bin or in your car prior to entering the course and can be retrieved following completion of the course. ANY DAMAGE TO ANY ITEM TAKEN INTO THE COURSE IS THE SOLE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE PARTICIPANT. Items dropped from the course, including cell phones, WILL NOT BE RETRIEVABLE. 

What is the Inclement Weather Policy?

The ZIPStream Aerial Adventure at Ruby Falls is an “almost any weather” activity. The courses will run rain or shine on posted open days. The exceptions to this generally are exceptional downpours and the presence of thunder/lightning. In the event of thunder/lightning all courses will be closed until the conditions improve and it is safe to return to the trees. The Adventure Guild staff continually monitors the weather and will make every effort to warn participants of the potential for weather that could close the course and in some cases may delay entry to the course even after a ticket has been purchased.

There are no refunds for courses interrupted by dangerous weather conditions. Rain checks will be given if participants are removed from the course due to weather issues. 

What is the highest and lowest point on the children’s course?

The highest point of the children’s course (platform height) is approximately 7 feet. The lowest is approximately 4 feet. 

Is there a zipline on the children’s course?

Yes, there is a zipline on the children’s course. An alternate exit from the course via slide is available for children who do not wish to zip. 

Is the course inspected? By Whom?

The ZIPStream courses were installed and are inspected annually by The Adventure Guild, as required by challenge course industry standards. The Adventure Guild is an accredited challenge course vendor with the ACCT. In addition to our annual inspection, each course is inspected daily before opening by trained and qualified lead staff, and a monthly inspection is undertaken and documented by the course manager. 

Who/What is The Adventure Guild?

The Adventure Guild is a full service adventure company specializing in

  • Ropes course and team building programs
  • Rock climbing guiding and instruction
  • Challenge course, zip line, aerial adventure course, via ferrata and climbing wall/tower construction
  • Technical staff training for challenge course, zip line, aerial adventure course via ferrata and climbing wall/tower. 

Are there other ZIPStream Aerial Adventure Courses?

The ZIPStream Aerial Adventure at Ruby Falls is the flagship location for the ZIPStream Brand. For other locations, please visit

How can I find out more information on The Adventure Guild or ZIPstream Aerial Adventures?

Contact them directly at 423.266.5709 or and

Can you tell us about the environmental impact on the ZIPstream Installation?

ZIPStream courses utilize installation techniques that are designed to minimize impact on the trees that host the courses. Bolting or other intrusion into the living tissue of the tree is kept to an absolute minimum so as to protect the health of the trees in both the long and short terms.

Course trees are also inspected prior to installation and annually thereafter by a certified arborist to ensure ongoing tree health.